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Workplace of Choice Survey Carts


With 1,500 employees and growing, Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly took a unique approach to delivering the Workplace of Choice Survey.

A cross-functional team made up of skilled-trades, IT specialists, human resources, communications and labor relations employees converted the plant’s tour carts into a mobile survey site. Every four hours, the cart moves into a different location throughout the plant, playing music and attracting employees along the way.

“We want all of our employees’ voices to be heard,” Plant Communications Manager Courtney Zemke said. “The idea arose from knowing that we would get a better response rate if we could make the survey as convenient and fun as possible.”

Both plant and UAW leadership rallied around the initiative, motivating the team to the think outside of the box. They are confident this creative thinking will help them succeed with the survey and ultimately help GM become a workplace of choice.

If you’re not at D-Ham, you can take the survey through more conventional methods. Salaried employees can access the survey through a link in an email they received at work earlier in the week, and also through the home page of Socrates. Hourly employees can take the survey electronically at their workplace.

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