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My Favorite Winter Steal and Deals

I walked to class the other day and skipped Starbucks in order to keep my hands tucked away in my pockets. My eyes swell up, glasses fog, and I’m inevitably the girl sniffling nonstop throughout class. As much as I would prefer to be soaking up the sunshine, in my new VS bikini, I’m enjoying this “polar vortex” everyone else keeps complaining about. Mainly because I finally have enough sweater-legging combinations to last me a couple weeks but also because of the amazing sales going on just about everywhere. If I wasn’t over here paying for my college education and new car, I would splurge for it all. Until then, I’ll just share some deals for you to take advantage of: 1. J.Crew 2. SheInside 3. SheInside  4. Gap 5. Forever 21 6. SheInside 7. J.Crew 8. SheInside  1. J.Crew 2. Target  3. Target 4. Banana Republic 5. J.Crew 6. Gap 7. Banana Republic 8. Nasty Gal