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Amazon’s Black Friday Deal on Nespresso Machines

[This deal is no longer available on Amazon]

I get a lot of questions on the Nespresso Machine I have. (Probably because 75% of my Instagram feed is about coffee.) I wanted to share some of the most recent questions I’ve received and a link to the amazing deal Amazon is running today! For $100, you can get the machine that makes coffee for 5 different cup sizes and a pack of their best selling coffees (30 capsules).

What is it?

First of all, I own the Vertuo Chrome Machine. It was our #1 most wanted gift on our wedding registry. I love it because it can make an espresso shot in 1.37 oz and 2.7 oz, a regular coffee at 5oz and 8oz and then a larger coffee at 14 oz. The size is dictated by the barcode on the coffee capsule, so the machine reads the capsule and determines how much water to use.

What Capsules do you like?

For every day, the Caramelizio is great. We also like the Bianco Forte espresso shots. Once you try this, regular coffee will never taste the same.
A few more of our favs below:

How much is it?

The Machine I have was around $180. (I also wanted the milk frother). The machine I mentioned above is on sale for $99. It’s made by Breville, but all the reviews say there is no difference between the Nespresso Machine and the one made by Breville. So take advantage of the Amazon deal because it’s $132 dollars off and you get $30 worth of coffee. Pods are about $1 each, sometimes $1.10 or $1.30. MUCH cheaper than my $5 Starbucks lattes or the $3 Americanos.

Breville Machine Black Friday Deal on Amazon

Other Questions?

Send me a message on Instagram or put it in the comments below!



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