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Goal Setting for 2020

2019 was a year of change. From training for a marathon, learning how to golf, getting married and buying a new house. We spent a lot of money. I made new friends. We traveled. Work was tough. In all aspects of my life, I was challenged and constantly fought for improvement – but it was hard. I’m drained to no end. I’m tired of tremendous sweeps of change. I’m ready to focus on myself and my relationships and have a steady road to walk on for the next year. I know I can’t control all the chaos. But there are a few things I can control. By a way of writing, I’m mapping out the big 2020 picture.

Change is good

It is. I know that. I still live by the mantra, never get comfortable. But lately, I’m starting to see a difference in the uncomfortable and the just plain mad. 2020 will change me just like the years in the past. 2020 will be a year of healing and health both physically and mentally. Here’s what I mean:

Health for myself not the wedding, reunion or summer

Because of the wedding, I found foundational success for getting in shape in a way that was fun and easy for me. What if I focus on the actual end of my life instead of always working toward that event a week or months away? Okay, that sounded morbid (and it is) but seriously, If I focused on the longest path possible, I wouldn’t have to draw tiny paths starting anew every time a wedding popped up or I felt like I jumped off the health bandwagon. What does that look like?

  • Working out every single day
  • Eating food that fuels my body and brain
  • Only eating when I’m hungry
  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Making more meals at home

Wealth so we can travel and explore

I said this earlier, but we spent a lot of money in 2019. Thankfully, we sold a house and received generous gifts from the wedding, too. While all the nice things like clothes and home decor and gifts are nice, Brian and I both want to travel to places like Thailand, the Greek Islands and the Amalfi Coast I still think of how much fun it was to explore Paris and London together. I can’t wait to start planning and saving for those trips together.

Writing for the sake of headspace

In 2019 I said I would blog more, but by granting myself some grace, I know now that that wasn’t possible given the demands at work and at home. Writing helps me clear my head. It helps me get to the place I’m trying to sort through in my head but never give myself the time to get there. By writing, I get there. This blog is my stream of consciousness and if it means I help someone or inspire someone through the form of run on sentences, then so be it.

Nurture the relationships I have

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better

I know who my people are. They are amazing humans that love me for who I am. I can be myself around them 100 percent of the time. They make me better. Those are my people. Near and far, I will nurture the relationships I have with my people.

Protect Social Media’s Rap

I found this quote, “never before has a generation so diligently recorded themselves accomplishing so little”. I HATE THAT QUOTE. I can tell you who wrote it but that would be rude. Social media has changed our lives. While there are serious cases of mental health problems because of it, it’s allowed us to connect with people we could never connect with before. I love social media. I love that I can share life’s moments with my mom hundreds of miles away and my friend in Turkey. I love the creative liberties it provides me and more than anything, it’s my job. The fact that social media companies are under scruntity for paving the path to make social media a profitable business for the first time is something that we will continue to see in 2020, but do not pretend that the world is worse off today than it was when phones were connected to a wire. That is bullshit.

Every decision matters. Every minute is my hour is my day is my week is my month is my year. If I want to make 2020 better, I have to start by making each minute better. With a little bit of grace, here’s my attempt at trying.



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