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7 Reasons I LOVED Planning Our Wedding

They said wedding planning would be stressful. They said I’d have to compromise. They said I should probably hire a planner.

They were so wrong.

Planning my wedding was one of the most purposeful, exciting, stress-free time of my life. For an entire year, the spotlight was on me and Brian. It was like we were some kind of royalty, getting married, becoming the Smiths. It was as if there were no other Smiths out there. The King and Queen.

The wedding allowed me to have (less) awkward conversations with those co-workers and friends you see twice a year. The wedding gave me every excuse to wear white, travel on a 5-day cruise with my best friends, and get in the best shape of my life. But the best part of the wedding, (besides marrying my best friend and hunk of a husband) was being able to take my type-A personality to the extreme. Planning was not stressful. I did not compromise and I did not need a planner. Planning was so much freaking fun and here’s why:

I Did Not Compare

Early on, after getting lost on Pinterest, Instagram, The Knot and Wedding Wire, I decided that this was my (our) wedding. Our wedding wouldn’t be like anyone else’s. I would not compare or try to mold our dream day into someone else’s already crafted dream day. I was inspired by everyone’s vision and the perfection that those sites eluded, but what I wanted would be ours and it would be perfect to us.

Google Drive was My Best Friend

I was hella organized. The PR girl in me obviously put together a run of show, timeline for vendors, a photographer shotlist, theseating chart, playlists, everything. I saved them with all the contracts and invoiced in Google Drive so that I could access or send it whenever I needed to.

I Delegated

I know my strengths and weaknesses. I also know my mom’s strengths and that’s making anything crafty. When it came to the favor tags, the shower gifts and cards, I delegated that to mommy dearest. And better yet, my mother-in-law was down to help too. I delegated jobs like transportation and alcohol to Brian.

I kept a Consistent Look and Feel

I wanted everything to feel timeless; from the black and white dresses to the simple wedding invites. I didn’t want to rely on someone else making and editing or writing all the invitations so I found a template I loved on Etsy and bought the entire package. From there, I used Templett to create all the signage. The invitations, menus, seating charts, thank you cards all had a consistent look and feel to bring the entire event together.

I (tried) to Keep My Cool

I had the worst acne ever on our wedding day despite countless facials, eating clean and drinking tons of water before. Hormones happen and I tried extremely hard to keep my cool and not stress. There were many instances where there was nothing I could do to change a situation. When it comes to acne…airbrush makeup and some photo editing can work wonders.

Our Parents were Incredibly Supportive

We are very lucky because both our parents were so supportive in not only paying for our dream day, but celebrating with us every step of the way. I’ll never forget our fun engagement party, going dress shopping, my bridal shower, FaceTiming when we found our venue, the pre-wedding party, dress rehearsal and the day of wedding craziness. I’m so happy that our parents get a long and even hangout when we’re not around.

The Knot was my Bible

Okay not literally, but for someone who had zero clue where to start, The Knot made it easy to make our wedding website, find vendors, track our budget, stay on task and plan accordingly. My favorite part was being able to digitally manage the guest list. I was able to upload an excel sheet with everyone’s name and addresses on it and then through our website, they could RSVP and choose their meals. At any given moment, I could log on the app and see where we were with RSVPs, meals and even gifts!

If it’s not clear already, planning our wedding was incredibly fun for me. I constantly reminded myself that this would be the only time in my life that I would get to do it and to not take one second of it for granted.

If you’re planning a wedding and you have questions about anything above or anything else, leave me a comment, I’d be happy to share some advice.



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