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How to Create A Beautiful Instagram Aesthetic with One App

If you know me well, you know I’m allllll about the Instagram aesthetic – I’m actually OCD about it. I obsess over the way a photo looks on my feed to the point where no matter how much I like the photo or enjoyed the moment, I just won’t post it. For instance, nighttime photos – nope, never going on my feed. This probably sounds crazy but I promise, the obsession brings me a lot of joy. 

Instagram is my creative outlet.

This photo for instance is the hotel pool bar in Jamaica and I recently posted it to balance out the warm tones with cool blue tones in my feed. We really enjoyed the pool bar BUT if I’m being 100% honest, I needed a photo with bright blue tones and this one was the money shot.

The only way you can see your feed before you actually post a photo is to download another app to plan it in advance. There are a lot of apps that do this, but one of my favorite apps is called Plann. Plann can be used via mobile app or desktop. I use the mobile version the most because I typically take photos with my phone, edit them in Lightroom and then play around in the Plann app to see if the photo will work with my current feed. Remember…OCD. If the photo doesn’t work with my aesthetic, I’ll look for other photos that I’d need to post first before I could use the photo(s) I just took.

Benefits of using the Plann App:

  • See your content before you post. Move around with images that havent been posted. You can even plan out Instagram stories!
  • Write out your copy in advance and save it for later
  • See when the most optimal time for posting is and get reminded when you schedule your posts
  • Save your own hashtag sets
  • See your color palette based on your last 12 images
  • Track your follower growth
  • See yours and any other public account’s post performance in one place

Watch my #IGTV video below for a tutorial in how I use the app. Leave your questions in the comments!

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August 2019 Excellence Oyster Bay Resort

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This is #notAnAd, just having fun and…sharing is caring?! 😊 

XOXO Courtney

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