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Great Skin Doesn’t Happen By Chance


Someone I admire once told me to invest in your face. Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken that quite literally from regularly scheduled facials, wearing SPF and investing in some pretty expensive creams and tools.

I’ve learned a lot more about my skin along the way. Like the fact that under eye circles can be hereditary and no matter how expensive the cream, those will never magically disappear. Although, I can control the darkness and puffiness through my favorite hyaluronic acid and creams. And no matter what I’m using, stress, sleep and my diet impact my skin A LOT.

Like everything else, I get bored with a routine after a while and I know my skin does too. My latest kick has been this workout for my face. It’s called NuFace and it’s a microcurrent facial (and neck) toning device I use once a day. I can actually feel the currents (it doesn’t hurt as long as you use the gel) and my skin instantly feels tighter after use.

I also tried blue light therapy for the first time yesterday. Blue light is supposed to kill the bacteria in your skin to help fight acne. This has to be done in treatments, so stay tuned for more on that ;).


Routines get boring so share your favorite products and devices in the comments below!



Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional. I have combination skin and I was not paid to list the products above. These are products that I’m currently using and while they may work well for me, they are not suitable for all people and skin types.

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  1. crypticcriticchan says

    I’ve quite a few skincare products with me, but no set routine. The laziness at this rate will cost me some skin and early aging. I will be sure to check some of these products out since I have combination skin as well. Thanks for sharing!

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