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Searching for happiness. A reason to write?

I think I started this blog to motivate myself to find my own happiness. I called it Choosing Happiness because quite honestly i wasnt happy at that point in my life.

Why wasn’t I happy?

For starters, I had just moved home from living in Los Angeles. I, like many, moved out there when I was 18. I was pursuing a dance career. I had the talent, the drive and all the support, but it was my own head that got in the way.

A call in the middle of the night to my parents had me on a plane the next morning. I’ll never forget January 18, 2012.  

Moving home was tough. I felt like a failure, but looking back at it now, I just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with myself among many other things. But how could I be? I went from a sheltered, spoiled life of dancing, traveling, surrounded by friends and family, and used to winning and being the best. When I moved to LA, alone, all of that changed. In 2012, I couldn’t see that I set myself up to fail.

I started this blog a few months later. It was my journal for everything that made me happy, the motivation for my every next move.

For the next three years, I taught dance four days a week, went to community college and then transferred to Wayne State University. I worked for VIP Dance traveling every weekend from February to July. I saved up enough money to buy a car and to pay for college. I even met my future husband.

I wrote about everything I was learning. From teaching my students, feminism, the 2012 election, movies, hard work and family. Those three years were challenging, but I’ve never been more proud of everything I accomplished. Those are also the years that I learned what happiness truly meant. 

So here I am. Happy, with nothing to write about.

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