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Hold up. Let’s Reflect

I don’t often give myself enough credit. Credit for all I’ve accomplished; all I’ve built; the person I’ve become. Yesterday I sat in a restaurant at the airport. I talked with a complete stranger about my visit to New York and about her travels to Raleigh. She asked about my fiance (I can’t find the freaking keyboard shortcut to make that french, so do not judge) about how he proposed, when we were getting married and so much more. She reminded me that my plane was leaving soon and I quickly asked for the bill. As I signed the receipt, she said, “Tell your parents they raised you well”.

I doubt she realizes that her words are sticking to me 24 hours later.

Writing this to remind myself to slow down. While I’m out chasing for the next big thing, waiting for and praying that I’m putting the best foot forward and hoping that everyone sees it and is recognizing, I need to remember that I’m doing my best and who cares if they aren’t.

  1. Stop allowing others to validate that I’m doing a good job
  2. Don’t move onto the next thing without recognizing what you’ve accomplished
  3. Forgive those who have hurt you
  4. Stop comparing
  5. Never stop learning
  6. Stay true
  7. Be kind



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