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Boys. Men. Another Kind.

One of the best memories I have from 2017 is when I had the courage to ask Brian to move in with me. It wasn’t easy. The egotistical part of me was screaming to wait another year. My heart was telling me that it only made sense. He was at my place almost every day and I craved him when he wasn’t. “My” house quickly became “our” house and I was surprised at the ease of it all.

We’ve lived together for a little over four months now and I’m realizing very fast that men literally don’t see the same things women do. They have to have a completely different set of lenses because things that push every little nuclear button (too soon?) in my body doesn’t even phase Brian; he doesn’t even see it!


Here’s a few examples:

I leave pretty early in the morning and it’s still dark out. Our porch light is controlled from a switch inside. I turn it on when I leave in the morning and ask Brian to turn it off when he leaves for work (and it’s light outside). I will come home around 5 p.m. (still light out) and the light is still on. Brian is home which means he’s seen it twice without even thinking about it!

My friend told me that her fiance always leaves a drop of water in the pitcher instead of filling it up again. She’s asked him multiple times to refill it when he’s done. Time and time again she reaches for an empty pitcher in the fridge.

Brian also has a habit of leaving his beard hairs (that’s a word, right?) all over the sink. No matter how many times I’ve asked him to wash them off, they still remain. My favorite part is that he will say that he “cleaned” them up but I think our definititions of clean are a little different.

Okay I know I’ve just grilled mankind but I know there are things I do that drive Brian up a wall, too. I’m curious, do you guys expereince the same things from your significant others? Do you agree, guys just don’t see the same things we do?

Let me know below in the comment section!


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