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Here’s How I’m Making the Most of 2018

saz-b-484397I’ve realized that each year, I create new years resolutions that are literally insane. I say I’m going to do a million things and become a completely new person because obviously, the one I was/am wasn’t good enough…?

So. Weird.

I love myself. I know I can always be a better person but I’m finally learning to set realistic, measurable goals.

This year, I’m working on strengthening relationships personally and professionally. I’m putting my health, first and I’m going to be unapologetically myself online (and offline). So look forward to blogging more and focusing on growing my own writing narrative. I’ve outlined these things with strategic tactics to keep myself moving, always becoming a better version of myself.

When I reflect on everything good, I’m certain they were all products of hard work. I’m going to get out what I put in. There’s no time to be lazy. I’m on the fast track to 30. I’m a ticking time bomb… and you are too.

Are you being honest with yourself? How are you making the most of 2018?

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