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A letter to my 45-year-old self

Hey, you,

You’re seriously getting up there. Please tell me you’re staying hydrated. Are you wearing SPF? Are you working out regularly?  You’re probably telling “my first concert” stories, aren’t you? I bet you wake up hungover after movie night.

Well, as you are gracefully aging, let’s not forget mom and dad are getting older, too. I’m sure you’re busy at work. I’m sure you’re traveling; maybe you have a family, a great circle of friends and new hobbies. But don’t forget that mom and dad need you, too.

Remember the summer of 2017. They spent a month in your Ferndale bungalow. You gave them shit for turning the air conditioner on and laughed when you remembered the hundreds of times dad told you to never touch the thermostat as a kid-oh, how the roles have changed.

Remember when they spent way too much money fixing up your backyard? They turned an eye sore into a Better Homes & Gardens’ advertisement. Dad worked so hard aligning every single paver perfectly. He built your pergola all by himself in one day.

Dad bought you a dryer because he thought he broke yours. He didn’t.

They bought you a new lawn mower because the old one was a piece of crap.

Mom made you dinner almost every night. She cleaned things you’d never thought of cleaning. Remember that time, you purposefully didn’t tell her you wanted to clean the blinds so you could do it yourself but you went to clean them, she had already done it?

They hired a tree trimming service to make sure you didn’t wake up without a roof on a stormy night.

Dad knocked down the basement wall (and cleaned it all up) in minutes.

They thought of everything.

You felt a pang in your heart every time they talked about driving back to their house in Arizona.

Mom left you fresh flowers the day they left and you cried driving into work because you realized how incredibly lucky (and spoiled) you are to have two people who care for you so much. The thought that it would be months before you saw them again broke your heart.

Remember the summer of 2017. Remember all the summers, falls, winters and springs that came before.

Remember how much they cared for you and return the favor when they need you. They’re getting older and although they may drive you crazy, although they may not make perfect sense, although they may not be the parents they were that summer of 2017, they’re still your parents. Love them with all your heart. Give them your time. Hold them tight.

Remember the summer of 2017. 



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