Joe Bar

Don’t assume Hazel Park is only for the horses. It’s not. It’s getting trendier by the day starting with two awesome restaurants-one I can actually call awesome because I’ve been and the other just by rumor.

But this is about Joe Bar.  

Joe Bar is industrial feeling. Total hipster where you share the bench with strangers and order fancy grilled cheeses and soup with hints of mesquite. Brian was sold on the $2 drafts.

I was SO excited to see jackfruit on the menu. Apparently I wasn’t the only one because when I tried to order it, they were all out. I went with the fancy grilled cheese instead. It had horseradish, mustard, pickles, and it came with a tomato/bbq soup that was to die for.

Brian had something called Good Morning Vietnam. My vegetarian self is going to murder this… It was a sandwich in a brat bun BBQ pork? grilled veggies topped with an egg. It came with beef broth? for dipping too. It looked… good if you were into that sort of thing. He ate the whole thing before I was done with half my sandwich so It take it it was good.

Next door is Mabel Gray. Which I’m dying to try and since Joe Bar was a win for Brian, I have a feeling we will go soon.

Vegetarians: Go for the Dad Jokes grilled cheese. The Moscow mules are okay. Taste fine but what’s with the glasses? Next time, I’m bringing a copper mug.

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