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Make the most of every moment

Vacations are the best. Arizona, although a second home to me by now, always feels like a vacation. My parents moved out there after retiring and no matter how often I visit, (never often enough) my time out there is filled with new adventures, sunshine and all around growth.

I wish I had the double raise the roof hands emoji right there because I truly mean growth! Growth in the relationships with my family, growth in my ability to accept new adventures (golf, hiking, climbing, overall HEAT), and growth in just letting go. I think it’s hard for me to be in the moment at times. I always want to plan this and that. But as I think about the moments that I’m clinging to as I prepare to go back to work tomorrow, the ones that I remember most are these:

  • Drifting down the Salt river with my entire family, cold drinks in hand, not a care in the world.
  • Hiking Camelback mountain. I was so impressed with Brian and I needed him more than ever on my way down; encouraging me and making sure every step was the safe one.
  • Watching my brother walk across the stage and become Dr. Zemke, casually wiping the tears from my eyes.
  • Laughing at the boys playing pool basketball.
  • Running to my parent’s car as they pulled up to the airport.
  • Hugs. So. Many. Hugs.

And although the early workouts, breakfasts, dinners and walks were nice it was these moments that I remember most. It’s the feelings that pulls on my heart strings.

My chest tightens knowing these moments are few and far between; that the older we get, the more I regret not having more of them. It’s the people in our lives that make everything worth while. These moments are my “why”. Why I go to work everyday. Why I don’t text and drive. Why I call my parents as often as I can. Why I tell Brian, “I love you” 30+times a day.

Make these moments count. One day, these moments will be all we have.

XO Courtney

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