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Bungalow Bedroom

This 50-60 degree weather lately has been absolutely perfect for my upstairs bungalow bedroom. You see, when I bought my house almost one year ago (hooray!) the inspector said that the upstairs bedroom (mine) needed new insulation. In July, I was reminded of this as my room could have very easily doubled as a sauna and then again in December when I wore five layers to bed every night. This spring weather has allowed me just enough time to start decorating and really enjoy my time in another room besides my cozy living room.

I would describe my downstairs area as sort of a modern farmhouse style while upstairs is turning out more girly chic; black and white, golds, pinks and fur. I have serious commitment issues when it comes to hanging things on the walls. I finally decided to do something about it after seeing two ads in the latest Vogue Magazine. These shoes; one Dolce & Gabanna the other Miu Miu. They speak volumes. So unique and so bold.

I carefully exact-o-knifed (is that a verb?) the pages out. I went to Michaels and bought two 16X24 black frames, white poster board (because its cheaper than custom mattes) and placed one magazine page in the center of each frame.

Talk about easy and they look so good! The shoes go well with my decor style and they remind me that it’s okay to be different, to be bold and unique. Feel free to cop my steez.

I’ll share some more of my decorating ideas soon. Share yours in the comment box below!


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