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My Home Office is Coming Together!

img_2423I think the hardest part of buying my first home was restricting my desire to want to immediately decorate and finish every room up to my liking. I simply can’t afford to do that so I’m taking it one room at a time.

I just love how my little home office is shaping up! The shelves I’ve had for years. My mom refinished them and my brother and I each had them in our rooms growing up. Same thing with my desk. My dad and I spent a Christmas break sanding and repainting my old furniture. Those are memories I’ll never forget and I’m reminded each time I look at it.

There’s something about refinishing a piece that has been a part of you for so long. Being able to include that into my first house has been so comforting.

I reupholstered the chair to match my breakfast-nook bench. The fabric was on sale at Ikea. I know, Ikea of all places! I layered the shelves with some of my favorite books. I painted the canvas to bring in all my favorite colors and spray painted an old frame, wine bottles and the letter “C” with Krylon’s gold metallic spray paint.

I’d like to do a lot more with this space but for now, It’s perfectly bright, cozy and quintessential.

What do you think?



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