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Daily Prompt: Flattery

via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Flattery. The term itself evokes me to think of some of the most sincerest compliments I’ve ever received.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a co-worker. He complimented me on the success I’ve had in one short year; the ability to make people feel like they were a part of something much bigger; and the increasing level of engagement across the organization since I’ve joined the team. If I could, I’d file this one back in my YOU ROCK folder. Instead, it sits in the back of my brain. It makes me appreciate my job and pushes me to propel further and drive engagement in my workplace. Moreover, it makes me appreciate that co-worker and our friendship.

Flattery means praising those around us. It means telling people, “good job” when they deserve it. Far too little do we accept a compliment or a flattering remark. It can be uncomfortable mostly because we don’t think we deserve it. We brush it off and give credit to someone else. But we all need to be flattered. We deserve to be flattered. Flattery will ultimately propel us to be better people both at home and at work.

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