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New Home. Newer Kitchen


I bought my house five months ago. It’s a small bungalow built in 1946. It sits across a park in the cutest part of Ferndale just walking distance from downtown.

When I was looking at houses, I knew I wanted an open-concept kitchen; however, all the houses with open-concept kitchens were either out of my price range or out of my preferred color range.

I decided to buy a fixer upper. This way, I could make it my own instead of feeling guilty for re-doing a perfectly OK kitchen.

The kitchen was closed off to the living room and dining area. It was small and blocked off most of the natural light. Oh- and there wasn’t a  microwave or dishwasher. I can hand-wash here and there but come on, I NEEDED a dishwasher.



I received quotes from three different contractors. At the end, it didn’t come down to the lowest price but the comfort I had with them and their ability to do the job before Christmas.

I hired Rick Guay (DG Installation). My realtor suggested him and I would recommend him to anyone! He did such a nice job and did exactly what he said he would do and more. I’ve heard horror stories from contractors not showing up to taking months to complete a job. Rick was professional and went above and beyond to make my kitchen a dream come true

The kitchen demo took four weeks. Most of the work was done in two weeks and probably would have been done in three if I had lined up my countertop contractor prior to starting my project.

The only thing left to do is a backsplash and some type of window treatment. There were a few hiccups and surprises along the way but I had prepared for that knowing that my house was built 70 years ago!



I absolutely love the end result. The countertops are my favorite and I’m obsessed with the  amount of counterspace I have on the island. These over-exposed pictures don’t really do it justice…

Here are a few lessons learned from my kitchen renovation:

When to save:

In-stock Cabinets- I bought my cabinets from Lowes. I took advantage of a Memorial Day sale and had them hold them for me until my project started.

Appliances- I really wanted stainless steel appliances (doesn’t everyone) but I already had a white fridge and white stove that worked perfectly fine. I went with a new white dishwasher and microwave instead of buying all new appliances.

When to splurge:

Countertops- the granite countertops I went with cost a third of my entire kitchen renovation but I couldn’t be more pleased with them. I did a lot of research on whether to get granite, quartz, solid surface, etc. In the end, I went with granite because it was the most durable and affordable.

Flooring- I bought Galvano Charcoal Porcelain tile from Lowes. I love the way it looks and feels. The color looks great against white cabinets, too!


I’m done with the projects for now-especially since my parents have gone back west for the winter! Today, I put up a gazillion fall decorations and my house is slowly starting to feel more like a home. A kitchen remodel was sort of terrifying but sitting on my comfy bar stools drinking my dinner in wine, it was totally worth it. After all, the scary things in life normally are. Right?




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