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CHEERS to 2016!

2016 resolutions2015 was good to me. I’ve said that a few times now and as I scroll through social media, I notice I’m not alone. Yesterday, I posted a photo with the following caption: I’m so thankful for all the great gifts 2015 brought to me!
I thanked 2015 as if it was a real person or a character in my life.

The truth is I worked really, really hard last year. A degree and a job is proof of that. Although I am thankful for another year of happiness and prosperity, it’s not to discredit the hard work, determination and luck that ultimately landed me here. I couldn’t be happier with the current status of my personal and professional life, and I look forward to 2016 with the hopes that my continued hard work emanates further success.

So let this be a toast to anyone who might have made my same mistake. Recognize your accomplishments and your worth. Give yourself a break once in a while. Remember what went right in 2015 and do those things again with a little more focus and drive. 2016 is about taking risks, facing fears, being adventurous and living like you have nothing to lose.

Cheers to 2016. May it bring you endless love and happiness.

XOXO Courtney


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