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3 Commencement Takeaways

IMG_5300I did it! I graduated a little over a week ago and began a new job in an unfamiliar place just last Monday! During my commencement ceremony, Christian Author and Retired President at New York Life Insurance Company Fred Sievert provided graduates with three tips for success:

1. Put in the time. It’s important to distinguish yourself in the workplace. Demonstrate your commitment by coming in early and staying late.

2. Understand and memorize your company’s mission statement. Let it become permanently embedded in your brain so you begin to understand how your own work is essential to the company’s success.

3. And the most difficult yet important: Find someone who can explain the financial side of the company. Talk to an accountant and ask, “what drives the profitability of this business?”

I’d like to say I have the first one down and I’m working on the second but I think these tips are continuous. They’re not things that I can just check off my to-do list. These are things that should be engrained in everything I do. As I venture into this next part of my career, I hope I can remember to make work a priority, help out as often as I can, and understand my stake in the organization and it’s success.

I’d be happy to hear your tips for success too. Feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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