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The Future of Video: Advancing the Conversation


On March 12, 2015, The Adcraft Club of Detroit hosted The Future of Video luncheon at The Reserve in Birmingham, Mich. Metro Detroit advertising professionals joined leaders in content creation and measurement to discuss trends and insights in the industry. The conversations focused heavily on the current inability to measure unique audiences like millennials across devices. There are no correct answers yet but having the conversation with a group of experts is a perfect way to find them.

Placing an ad in the right place at the right time takes skill, creativity and insight. Panelists Pauline Malcolm of Maker, Krishan Bhatia of NBC Universal/Comcast and Artie Bulgrin of ESPN agreed that the best way to target audiences like millennials is to truly understand their behavior. Millennials are the most technologically savvy generation. They are ditching their TV’s faster than ever before. Millennials’ have helped coin the term cord cutters to symbolize the people who prefer streaming online video from sources like Netflix and HBO GO over cable.


Anna Aluzzo and I mingling with professionals prior to lunch.


According to a recent survey by Maker, eight out of ten celebrities as known by millennials originally started on YouTube. PewDiePie, one of Maker’s most popular video bloggers is known for his comical commentary and reactions to video games. He is only 25 years old and has over 35 million subscribers.

So what makes video bloggers like PewDiePie popular? Malcolm explained, “Their authenticity is what connects with millennials. The creators are everyday people who millennials can relate to,” she said.

YouTube is the trend and finding creators like PewDiePie to match brands is the ultimate goal. Millennials want to feel a personal connection with brands. They want to be talked to and not talked at.

ESPN understands the importance millennials place on social media as well. “They want to be part of the conversation and that’s why you see live twitter streams during our programs,” Bulgrin explained.

As innovation into new technologies and tools progress, old tactics become obsolete. Technology has outpaced the means of measuring the reach and scale of advertising, especially on mobile platforms. The panelists and professionals agreed—there is definitely a knowledge gap. Collaboration is needed among companies to truly understand advertising’s impact.


“There have been strides, ” Bulgrin said. “Neilsen and Adobe are waking up, and ESPN has joined initiatives like Project Blueprint to assist in finding a standard…we need to learn more and in order to learn more, we must drive measurement.”

The luncheon was insightful and awakening. It reminded professionals that in the ever-changing technological landscape, there is much more to be done. “Today was very enlightening. Our team is trying to work with millennials and there were many takeaways in this category,” Monica Lynn from Leo Burnett Detroit said.

The event helped spark a conversation that needed to happen. Being able to effectively measure reach and scale is imperative to all advertising professionals. If anything is certain, it is that working together to find a standard is essential, and The Adcraft Club of Detroit offers ample opportunities for metro Detroiters to do so.

Photos provided by The Adcraft Club of Detroit

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