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Wayne State University Public Relations Student Society host Local LEVO Detroit

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On February 19, the Wayne State Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) partnered with the Detroit Local Levo chapter to host Lifestages: Learning from Leaders in the Bernath Auditorium inside Wayne State’s undergraduate library. Levo League is a growing community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration and the tools needed to succeed. Levo League publishes multiple articles online everyday with topics ranging from lifestyle, fashion and career advice.

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Apart from their digital audience, Levo League has 30 local chapters. Detroit is Levo League’s 30th chapter and WSU PRSSA was thrilled to get exposure on the Wayne State campus. Local chapters provide mentorship and networking opportunities with local career-minded women.

Lifestages: Learning from Leaders was organized by Sara Mahmood, Detroit’s Levo chapter leader. Twenty eight women and one gentleman gathered in the Bernath Auditorium to talk to a panel of metro Detroit leaders. Topics ranged from finding a mentor, losing a mentor, negotiating in the workplace to much, much more.

“Tonight was fun! They provided some much needed perspective on how to approach the future with optimism and confidence,” WSU PRSSA President Catia Sabak said



Elaine DeGroot Lundin- PMP, Manager, Tax Return Preparation Group, General Motors Company

Amy Michael- Curriculum Developer at General Motors Company

Heather Lindell Klish- Vice President of Operations at AxleTech International

Jill Dunphy- Yoga Instructor, Yoga Moves MS at Red Lotus Yoga


On Faking It Till You Make It

AM-Embrace vulnability. You may feel like you’re faking it, but you’re already there.

JD-Trust that you have what it takes. Perception is everything.

HL- Always. Guys do it all the time. It’s about time women do it too.

On Being An Introvert

JD- Do something that scares you everyday. It’s okay to be introverted but know how important relationships are. You have to constantly work on your relationships with people to stay relevant.

On Staying Loyal to an Employer

EL- You will know when you are in the right place. Until then, take different opportunities.

HL-Your twenties are a perfect time to take advantage of different opportunities. When you get into your thirties and you’re still jumping around, that’s when it gets questionable.

JD- It definitely depends on what field you are in. In accounting for instance, it does not look good to have multiple employers, however, a communications professional may have a few years in non-profit, agency or corporate positions. Know what is acceptable in your industry.

On Mentorship

HK- If your mentor takes a job with another company, it’s okay because you’re expanding your own network. Building you mentor-relationship takes effort and don’t worry about feeling annoying.

AM- A mentor is not always the person you’re assigned, or the person with a higher level job, it’s the person you reach out to for help in any circumstance.

On Work Life Balance

JD- Your work may not be your passion and that is okay. Not everyone’s passions will pay the bills.

HK- Be aware of the fact that you must have a balance to stay happy. Find a partner that shares equally with you.

AM- Make time for things that you love. If you have to set a reminder on your phone than so be it but make sure you set aside “me time”.

EL- You’re going to have to make hard choices. Don’t make them out of someone else’s happiness.

On Negotiating

HK-Do research before going into the negotiation. Find common ground, be persistent and know what other people are getting.

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