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10 Things You Should Never Feel Bad For!

My rendition of Glamour’s Hey, It’s OK… is highly personal this time around. About a week ago I started jotting down ideas thinking I’d have a clever compilation by the end of the month. Seven days later, Voila! 
Here’s a few things I’m not ashamed to admit and neither should you.
Hey, It’s OK…
  • To have a surprisingly groovy time at a middle aged disco club
  • To completely pretend to not see the flare jean trend making a come back
  • To use Pinterest as a verb like you do with Google
  • Ie: to Pinterest cheesy pick up lines to send to your boyfriend
  • To go to Coldstone alone. (Every day is National Ice Cream Day)
  • To eat dark chocolate espresso beans for dinner
  • To wear your swimsuit in place of your underwear
  • To break down and curse at the parking enforcement lady for… doing her job
  • To be extremely envious of Michelle Rodriguez right about now
  • To stare at anyone with a flip phone

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