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Banana Cinnamon & Chia Seed Smoothie


I absolutely love being able to lay in the sunshine with a great read and a smoothie in hand. It’s the many perks of summer. If you think about it, smoothies are pretty liberating. You have the freedom to throw whatever you want into this giant scary mixing machine and have a 70 percent chance it’s going to be tasty. (HINT: add peanut butter or almond for a better success rate). Another add in to any smoothie are chia seeds. Meet my newest obsession. I see a plethora of blogs and recipes using them but I have finally jumped on the bandwagon. If you’re unfamiliar with chia seeds, they are an ancient Latin American superfood, rich in fiber and Omega-3. Dry, they taste like a poppy seed. Soaked, they develop this tapioca pearl feel, plump and very filling. And yes- they are the same seeds in those 90’s Ch Ch Ch Chia’ commercials. 
I recently went up north for the weekend after buying way too many bananas. Nevertheless, I cut them up and put them in the freezer so they wouldn’t go bad.This stuff is beyond delicious. Better-than-ice-cream delicious. Most importantly- It’s EASY.
2 frozen bananas.
1/2 tsp. of cinnamon
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
A splash of almond milk
2 tbs. of chia seeds
handful of ice cubes

Blend and enjoy 🙂


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