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Because I’m Happy

Spreading a little happiness on International Happiness Day!

The student’s at the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences rendition of Pharrell’s  “Happy” video has reached over a million views on YouTube! As it should.

Recording artist Pharrell paired up with the United Nations Foundation to promote the second annual  International Day of Happiness. The timing is perfect considering Pharrell’s single “Happy”  is currently dominating the Billboard charts. I’ll admit, it’s a catchy tune.

Their campaign functions around Pharrell’s new website 24 Hours of Happiness where visitors are encouraged to share their own moments of joy by uploading videos to YouTube and Instagram. Just #HAPPYDAY to join the conversation.
I’m a little sour Pharrell is getting all the happiness credits because this blog champions happiness every single day. Choosing Happiness is dedicated to everything that makes me happy. A little selfish-I know. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite videos from the 24 Hours of Happiness campaign Sure, my favorites won’t be deemed as awesome as Pharrell’s, I’ll try 
my best to make you smile.

The campaign encourages visitors to donate to the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund so if your pockets aren’t drained from tax season like mine, you can donate to the cause. 


Are you getting sick of Pharrell and his hat yet? What about those catchy lyrics you can’t get out of your head? I’ll admit I was getting annoyed too but these videos are awesome. More than 1,300 videos from 70 countries were submitted, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Pharrell’s social media campaign on International Happiness Day helped raise $10,000 for the U.N Foundation’s Central Emergency Response Fund.

As promised, here are my favorite videos from the happiness campaign:

Good Morning America is able to pull some strings. Their video features cast from PLL, Modern Family and my favorite, Scandal; lots of celebrities, doctors, politicians, artists, the list goes on.
This video was created by The videos features Cruise Shipping Miami employees, guests, executives, and well, any one that wanted to shake a tail feather. 
This last one is amazing! No happy dancers here, just A LOT of wine glasses (empty) and a few pots and pans. 

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