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Professional Travel Tips From An Amateur Orange Peeler

There are few things I still need my mom for and peeling an orange is one of them. I am not a huge orange fan but apparently they have this super important nutrient called vitamin C. So here I am in the state famous for Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman struggling to peel an orange.  It’s travel season and I am constantly on the go. I am living out of suitcases and bags until May and beyond.
I have become quite the professional traveler in the last few years so I created this guide to successful and healthy traveling. Whether you are touring the country like me or just constantly on the go, these tips will keep you organized, healthy and most certainly HAPPY!



Drink water. I am completely guilty of this because there are times when it is 1 p.m. and I am wondering why I am shaking (as I’m downing my seventh cup of coffee). I feel completely sluggish if I am not drinking enough water. Sipping the recommended two liters a day can keep you energized and alert. So, instead of asking for another cup of coffee mid flight, ask for water- no ice. I do not want to hear your chomping ten rows up.
Be friendly to airport officials. Be nice to everyone of course, but these men and women have the power to make or break your trip. Smile, answer their questions and let them give you a nice pat down if need be.
Take Emergen-C. This stuff works wonders and MUCH easier than orange peeling. The second I start feeling like I might be getting sick, I mix one (or 3) of these up and drink them down.  Taking daily multi vitamins is important as well. I have taken Airborne too but I like the taste of Emergen-C better.
Mobile boarding passes– TGFMBP.  Still waiting for some airlines (and airports) to jump on board but these are so convenient.  Many airlines allow you to check in online and then email you a mobile boarding pass to add to Passbook. Scan your mobile boarding pass at the security checkpoint instead of having to wait in line at a kiosk.  I also have a phone case with an attached wallet so my phone, ID and important credit cards are accessible.


I like to refer to myself as the bag girl, the duffle bag boy’s sister I suppose. During the week I live out of three bags and this obnoxious little hard cooler; my weekends: one personal item and a carry-on-luggage (as long as it does not get lost in the Baltimore airport). My mom used to be a travel agent and taught me all of these tips and tricks:
Make a packing list. I tend to procrastinate packing. If you make a list prior though, you will be sure not to miss anything when rushing out the door.
Pack basics. Do not forget the necessary cami, white tee, black leggings. That new silk top is awesome until you realize it is completely see through.  Basics can be worn with lots too. A solid cami can go a long way.
Pack outfits. My weekend trips are predictable and dependable thankfully.  I know what I will be doing each day so packing an outfit for each is easy. Include your shoes and jewelry.  Do not forget undergarments (shove them into your shoes). At the end, I choose extras just in case I spill something, my plans change or I simply detest what I brought.
Roll your clothes. No lie this takes up half the room in my suitcase and limits the wrinkles in my clothes.
Think layers.  Traveling the country means leaving negative temperatures for high 70’s and vice versa. There is nothing worse than shivering on a plane while you are trying to sleep or wishing it was socially acceptable to strip down to your bra and underwear during a near heat stroke.
Bring plastic bags.  Okay, I never take my liquids out of my carry on, and I get away with it. (Knock on wood). However, some airports are stricter than others are so I always leave a few Zip-locs in my carry on just in case.
Pack your purse/murse.  Why should you waste your free personal item on a tiny purse?  Use your space wisely and carry a bigger bag filled with snacks, magazines, books, your laptop and more.
Pack makeup wipes. Boy oh boy do I feel disgusting after a long travel day. Not to mention accidentally waking up with your face against the germ-infested plane window is also a perfect reason to freshen up after flying, driving, taxiing, biking, and well… you get the point.Bringing a good book makes for a speedy flight! Last weekend I jumped on the bandwagon and read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green I finished the book on my flight to Ft. Lauderdale and needless to say, the three-hour flight was a breeze. Side note: I suggest a book that does not leave you weeping with no means of concealment. Yes, it was awkward and I hope no one noticed.

Safe and healthy travels to you! Hope this helps!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

– St. Augustine

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