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Hey, It’s OK…

Fact is Yuna’s song Rescue would be the perfect soundtrack to my life at the moment- upbeat and positive with a side of whine. Because frankly, that has been my month in a nutshell. I’m doing fine… no worries here. But I’m certainly grateful for my family and friends who have had to hear me complain about minute details about my rather happy life.  

Maybe it’s the weather. It could be that I miss the sun. Maybe it’s the fact that I have had to change my beloved BB cream to another brand to compliment my extreme paleness. Moreover, Yuna’s song still has me wishing that skipping with my head held high to class was socially acceptable. 

I used to be an avid reader of Glamour magazine. My favorite part was the (Hey, It’s OK…) page because it reminded me that the strange, quirky, selfish and unpleasant traits that I embody are OK. 

So I’ve created a (Hey, It’s OK…)  list as well. Mainly, to remind myself and maybe you that what you’re doing right now, yesterday, tomorrow or for all eternity is OK. You are OK or as Yuna says, “No SOS needed; no rescuing, she’s fine out there”. 

Complain for a little. Whine to the people that know you better. But don’t let it last too long. Keep pushing on. Keep learning and improving and never get too comfortable. 
XO Courtney



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