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How To Be Happy

This year means so much to me. Twenty thirteen has been extremely generous and kind.  I have figured out what I love about myself; most importantly I have figured out how to be happy. 

  • Give back without expecting something in return. Do something for someone that you know cannot and will not ever repay you. Last year I delivered Tim Horton’s hot chocolate to a cold bell-ringer outside of Hobby Lobby. I can still remember the look on her face, surprised and truly thankful. I would like to make this a tradition. 
  • Learn something new everyday. Whether it is one word of a foreign language or listening to the news about current events. The more you learn, the more you can be engaged in the world around you. Be present in the present. I treasure the times when I can chat about politics and recent headlines with my parents over a cup of coffee. These moments are far and few between but they mean the world to me. 
  • Disconnect yourself from technology when you are with the people you love. Learn to not depend on Facebook and Twitter so much. Do not text at the table and turn your phone off an hour before bed.  I would love to say that I actually do this all the time. But I try to leave my phone at home when I don’t need it, and I’m working on not using it so much when I’m around the people that I love. Technology has become addictive. You never realize how much you use it until it’s unaccessible. 
  • If you think your are going to regret doing something, don’t do it. Do not lie, cheat, or pretend to be something you are not. My conscious is the most annoying b**** in the world and I will do anything to not have to worry about her nagging.  
  • Simply, be happy. Whenever something makes me mad or sad, I think about where I was just a year ago and how far I have come since. If it is a person that makes you upset, remember that people make decisions out of their own interest. Do not take it personally and do not let one person have control over your emotions.  I have also started smiling so insanely, cheesy and unbelievable  (in privacy) right before I think I am going to explode with anger. It helps change my mindset and readjust my emotions. 

I have dedicated this blog to all of the things that make me happy. 
Whether that may be food, fashion, people or politics;
These are the things that make me the happiest. 

What makes you happy?

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