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Take A Stand (On Anything)

A friend of mine recently shared a communication problem she’s been experiencing with the guy she’s dating. Like myself, she’s a talker. She enjoys discussing opinions, views and arguments. For example, she has very straightforward political views.  When she brings up politics to her boyfriend, he changes the subject or replies with something like, “I don’t take sides”.

These type of people drive me crazy. Clearly, I’m not the only one bothered by them.


The shrugger

People who shrug instead of speak their mind. Shrugging is not an answer. Do you want to go out for drinks or not? Did you think that movie was good or not? How short do you really want the hairdresser to cut your hair? Whipped cream or not? 

I understand politics can be a little touchy. Regardless, I think it’s important to know your partner’s view; whether that be politics, sports teams or future goals. More importantly you should have an opinion about these things. You have a right to that opinion. 

A major issue here is engagement. There are many people who are simply okay with “getting by”. These types of people fail to watch the news, put in minimal effort, and in my own opinion, have nothing to bring the table. That’s an entirely separate topic for discussion. 

I challenge you; stand up straight, make eye contact and respond in a grown-up sentence.

Don’t be a shrugger. 

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