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Back on My Scandal Soapbox

Last night, ABC’s Scandal put me through every emotion humanly possible. I found myself laughing at Olivia and Fitz’s bathroom conversation. Minutes later, I was crying watching Olivia search for answers to her mother’s death.

The most powerful moment that actually had the hairs on my arms sticking up, was when Congresswoman Josie Marcus, (Lisa Kudrow) was interviewed by journalist James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky).

When asked about the charges that she doesn’t have enough experience to be president, Josie responded:

“There’s something my grandmother used to do whenever I’d start dating someone. I would tell her his name and she would say, ‘Oh, what part of town does he live in?’ That was her way of asking if my boyfriend was white. Oh yeah, my grandmother was an out and out racist, so I know what prejudice looks like. It’s not about experience, James, it’s about gender. Reston’s saying I don’t have the balls to be president and he means that literally. It’s offensive. It’s offensive to me and to all the women and to all the women whose votes he’s asking for.”
“The only reason we’re doing this interview in my house is because you requested it. This was your idea and yet here you are, thanking me for inviting you into my “lovely home.” That’s what you say to the neighbor lady who baked you chocolate chip cookies. This pitcher of iced tea isn’t even mine, it’s what your producer sent here. Why? Same reason you called me a “real-life Cinderella story,” it reminds people that I’m a woman without using the word. For you it’s an angle, I get that and I’m sure you think it’s innocuous, but guess what? It’s not.”

I can’t seem to get off my feminist/Scandal soapbox lately. The last month has been devoted to a major school project regarding sexism in commercial advertisements. My next major project will be reiterating Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In to an audience of business professionals. 
I’ve been wracking my brain on how to grab their attention. Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, I have found my answer.

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