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Saving the Manatees

“Don’t fail to do something just because you

 can’t do everything” -Bob Pierce 

On Saturday I was given the chance to take part in my first Kids Against Hunger Pack-A-Thon. My parents and I along with many members of my church, St Johns Lutheran Church in Waltz, spent the morning filling 1800 13.8 oz. bags of food. These bags will serve 10,000 meals. 1/3 of the meals go to a local food bank, 1/3 is set aside for national disasters and the remaining 1/3 is sent to third world countries. 


St. Johns Lutheran Church was able to host the event thanks to their sponsors DTE and Thrivent. 

It costs $2800 to host a Kids Against Hunger Pack-A-Thon. They supply the goods, you supply the hands!

Here is a video of a similar Pack-A-Thon done at an Oklahoma church. 

Against Hunger NW Oklahoma
Volunteering is something I struggle with. Not in the sense that I have a difficult time doing it, but more so finding the time and motivation for it.

There are a few factors I need to remind myself and maybe remind my readers too:

  1. Make time for what is important to you. I have come to find that no matter how busy we are, we always manage to squeeze in our loved ones, friends, really good books, social media, Scandal and a glass of wine…. or maybe that’s just me. 
  2. It’s easier to do things in pairs. Tasks seem a little less intimidating when you have a friend with you. It also holds you accountable. You do not want to be known as the “flaky” friend. 
I had a great time watching the kid’s faces when we would periodically hear an announcement informing us of the amount of meals we had bagged. We reached our 10,000 meal goal in less than ninety minutes. 
I did not walk away feeling like I was invincible or like I had made some mark on the universe. I do not strive to become a world peace maker or as my boyfriend teases me with some movie reference “saving the manatees”.  However, I did achieve a more personal goal: I volunteered. One selfless act was accomplished and that feels good.  

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