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Staying Organized (The Type-A Way)

So I have developed this talent- AND IT IS a talent because getting 100 tasks done in one day is hard. But I can do it! 

I have realized a few things about myself in the last month:

  1. I am completely type-A personality 
    • I have three working calendars; my phone, a desk calendar and a planner that I can write and doodle in during class. That one has endless to-do lists, weekly expenses, mileage, etc. Of course it does
    • I always say “yes” and figure it out later
    • I give a nice death stare at the kids who think it is okay to show up AN HOUR LATE to a 75 minute class and make it apparent to everyone
  2. I am more organized today than I have ever been in my entire life
    • Last week I hit an all time organizational high. I chose my outfits a WEEK ahead of time

    • I also make my lunches the night before
    • I have detailed lesson plans for each and every class I teach. Including goals and objectives for the following week
  3. I should have been this organized sooner
    • Who knew I could get so much done!?
Okay okay, I still get the usual stressful day. And my plans do not always fall into place perfectly. Sometimes I wake up at 6AM and it is 46 degrees out. Hence, the last thing I want to put on is a tiny black and white striped skirt. 

However, I can honestly say life is a lot easier this way. 

So organize your closet this weekend, plan your outfits, do your laundry, wash your sheets. 

Smile and be happy because life sure is easy when you are organized. 

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